Sutherland Shire Bush Dance Group

Welcome to the Sutherland Shire Bush Dance Group's website.

Bush Dancing closed.

Bush dance is a style of dance based mainly on the traditional folk dances brought to Australia by the early European settlers, expanded by miners during the Gold rush period and further by subsequent immigrants. Danced in country woolsheds and town and city halls, these dances were revived by performers and collectors in the 1950 - 60's, even being taught and danced in local schools throughout the country. Increasing popularity in 1970 - 1980's saw dance groups established in many areas with regular bush dances and bush balls being held.

Unlike most dance styles, bush dancing doesn't concentrate on getting tricky complicated dance steps precisely correct. It's more about following the caller's instructions, becoming familiar with some basic steps and enjoying yourselves while progressing through the dance. As most dances begin "Starting on the left foot..."if you have two left feet, you've got to be doing it right!!!!